...ism ism ism (gega_cai) wrote in fleetwood_mac,
...ism ism ism

Help: Fleetwood Mac Song?

Hey Fleetwood Mac fans!

I have a question and hopefully someone here can help. The other day I was driving home and I switched stations on the radio to hear the last minute or so of a song. I can only describe it as medieval or, I dunno, Faire-ish? There were no lyrics sung, but this may have been because it was the last bit of the song playing. I waited for the DJ to name the song and they did, saying it was by Fleetwood Mac. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down, as I was driving and have forgotten the name.

Anyone know this song? I'd like to hear it in full. I hope I didn't mishear the name/artist of the song!

Oh, and don't worry! I'm a big fan of the group. In fact, Lindsey Buckingham is the sole reason I started playing guitar. I just don't recognize this song, as it doesn't sound like it is from the Buckingham/Nicks era or bluesy *shrugs* It sounded like a jam, maybe
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