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Aww, Lindsey..more dates to be announced, hopefully

He's a deep thinker. :) I say that with nothing but love. This is taken from the Stevie fan group on myspace...

According to Lindsey, "Unleashed" is going to be something unexpected:

"If I knew what to expect, I would tell you. It's been a little convoluted emotionally. We have some work to do." Only 16 dates have been announced so far, but Buckingham said there would be about 40 in the U.S. As to who might put out a Fleetwood Mac album after the tour, Buckingham said nothing was set in stone, but that "we have a strong relationship with Warner Bros.

http://www. billboard. com/bbcom/news/grammy-nominations-10-things-you-didn-t-1003919336. story
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