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Is Stevie finally done with Lindsey?

Found this online..interesting...

Stevie Nicks Says Issues With Lindsey Buckingham Threaten Her Involvement With Fleetwood Mac
By: Howie Edelson

Stevie Nicks says that ongoing problems with bandmate and one-time boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham may signal the end for her in Fleetwood Mac.

Nicks, who'll be hitting the road next week for a string of spring dates, told Q magazine that the band's tentative tour for next year is up in their air due to personality conflicts, revealing, "Lindsey knows that I did not have a great time during (2003's) Say You Will (album and tour)... He was not being very nice or friendly to me and at my old age I'm like 'Please! I can't do it.'I have a great, great, (solo) band... The only reason for me to do it is for my heart."

She went on to say, "I've always loved being in Fleetwood Mac and I'm never going to be the one to squash it... So if Lindsey Buckingham wants to be the Lindsey Buckingham that he was a long time ago -- and be happy with me and enjoy what I do, and enjoy my celebrity and just appreciate the marvelous gift of being in this elite band -- then I will do it again. I will also walk away so fast that the palm tree tops will fall on his head."

Although Lindsey Buckingham admits that there were tensions during Fleetwood Mac's 2003 tour, he says that the band has yet reached the end of its run together: "We are all friends, I would say quite honesty Fleetwood Mac is still a work in progress. There are pieces of baggage probably that still remain that are in the process of being worked through. I mean, we consider ourselves a band that is not broken up, but we don't see each other a lot, so the distance sort of keeps us from working through things at a quicker pace. But no, I think there are a few chapters left to go."

Last month Sheryl Crow told the press that she would be joining Fleetwood Mac on their 2009 tour. Buckingham says that although there are tentative plans for Fleetwood Mac to regroup next year, and that Crow has been considered to perform with the band, he and the rest of Fleetwood Mac were surprised that Crow would make any type of announcement this early.

Out now is Buckingham's solo CD/DVD Live At The Bass Performance Hall. The disc also features a 45 minute documentary called Not Too Late, which includes behind the scenes footage from the recording of his 2006 album Under The Skin.

Stevie Nicks kicks off her 12-city tour on April 18th in Reading, Pennsylvania.
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